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<a href=''>3 Ways to Get Killer Portraits Using a Tripod</a> 0

3 Ways to Get Killer Portraits Using a Tripod

Follow @Journey_America As photographers, you?re all looking to ?wow? the people we’re taking pictures of, whether they’re clients or just friends. When you show final images, there’s that sense of anticipation, excitement and nervousness...

sam vestal 0

Sam Vestal Gets a Documentary

Follow @Journey_America   In the roughly 30 years Watsonville photojournalist Sam Vestal spent working at the Register-Pajaronian, he photographed U.S. presidents, celebrities and festivals. Now his family is working to capture his life through...

Clarissa Dillon 0

Clarissa Dillon on the Great Age of English Puddings

Follow @Journey_America Clarissa Dillon, one of the foremost authorities on 16th-18th century English and colonial American cooking, tackles the often confusing interpretations of our shared culinary past.   Read the rest of the story here…...

Neal Slavin 0

Neal Slavin : You’ve Never Seen Group Portraits Like These

Follow @Journey_America Neal Slavin has a unique perspective on human relations. As a photographer who’s specialized in group portraiture for four decades, he has captured the strange, fascinating, and often humorous sociological phenomena that...

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