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Neal Slavin 0

Neal Slavin : You’ve Never Seen Group Portraits Like These

Follow @Journey_America Neal Slavin has a unique perspective on human relations. As a photographer who’s specialized in group portraiture for four decades, he has captured the strange, fascinating, and often humorous sociological phenomena that... 0


Follow @Journey_America Visit JourneyAmerica website A camera is a mechanical device which records a moment in time, but not what that moment means or the emotions that it evokes. Whereas, a painting, however imperfect...

photography 0

Photography Tips In the Park

Follow @Journey_America Photography is my lifeblood. It’s what I do. Being able to capture an image and let people on the other side of the world experience life in South America makes me reach...

Argentina 0

Argentina is at it Again

Follow @Journey_America Argentina has accused the UK of provocation over plans to hold military exercises in the Falkland Islands. It said drills by British forces would include missile launches and were part of a...

rp_moron-21.jpg 0

Their Brains Rattle Like BBs in a Boxcar

Follow @Journey_America “No human individual, nor any automated system, has my permission to scan and analyze my email, IM and other communications content. I do not give direct or indirect permission for any Federal, State, Regional or...

photography 0

Solitude Through Photography

Follow @Journey_America Who couldn’t use a little peace and quiet? You’ll find some in a newly opened exhibit in Danbury. It’s called “Discovering Solitude: Photographs by Paul R. Berger.” Photography has been a lifetime...

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