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Buenos Aires 0

Buenos Aires Calls for State of Emergency

Follow @Journey_America Rocked by violent crime, Buenos Aires has forced the city officials to declare a state of emergency. Argentines, fed up with police corruption and ineptness, have started to take the law into...

Homeless as the Pope Gets Installed 0

Guest Post: My Most Powerful Picture

Follow @Journey_America A friend in Georgia, Scott Umstaad, saw an image I took of a homeless man holding his child during Pope Francis’ elevation to the Papacy. [optinrev-inline-optin] Scott asked if he could include...

Jerry Nelson

The World is Coming to South America

Follow @Journey_America The world is getting ready to show up on South America’s doorstep. If you’re a publisher or editor, and you need someone in Argentina, or the rest of South America while all...

Jerry Nelson


Follow @Journey_America What do you think of when you hear “revenge porn?” The images that come to mind probably are not pleasant ones. The phrase, revenge porn comes from the idea that it is...